This Democrat doesn't much like Democrats

Being a Democrat all my life, I want to know what happened to the Democratic Party? It is no longer the party for the people. They are not willing to work with the Republicans. It's do things their way and not other way.

The attack on Libya and the killing of our ambassador and three others was a terrorist attack. Obama, Clinton and Rice blamed it on a video. We need a full investigation of what happened in Libya. Let's make everyone involved accountable. It is so sad in this country that we no longer have a fair media.

Raising taxes on people making $250,000; you are not rich, especially when you live in states like New York, Connecticut and California where the cost of living is so high. That includes our small businesses.

Small businesses will fail. Is that what the Democrats want?

Democrats in Connecticut have had the majority control for years. You are responsible for our state being in so much trouble. Our country is in so much debt because the Democrats won't stop spending. We owe so much money to China. What happens when we run out of money? We'll be just like Greece and Egypt.

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