For peace on earth, just tweet the pope

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for peace on earth, good will toward men and for the ECC to reject UConn, too:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, has been practicing this all week in the hope he can succeed without vomiting:



A little queasy for a minute, but at least there's no need for cleanup in Aisle 5.

And now Mr. I wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Youk Year.

• One of Mr. I's all-time favorites, faithful reader Colette Emery of Waterford, wrote in and said last Wednesday's sports section should have been dedicated to Tom Brady.

Because it was 12/12/12.

And here Mr. I thought we already did that on 0/0/00.

(Sorry, couldn't resist).

• But let Mr. I say this:

He is no longer participating in Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning discussions.

Until Eli - and we love Eli - stops throwing the ball to the other team with such alarming regularity, he's just not in Brady's class.


• News item from the Associated Press:

"Pope Benedict XVI made his debut on Twitter last week, tweeting seven times over the course of seven hours and taking questions via the hashtag #AskPontifex."

Mr. I has his question:

Is Jack really coming back to St. Bernard? #AskPontifex

• If Morticia Addams married New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, that would make her Morticia Patricia.

(Clearly not Mr. I's best, but it's catchy).

• A big salute to Lancer Nation, Waterford High's clever student section.

The Nation showed the world last week the need for newspapers will be eternal.

Because you'll always need something to hold in front of your face while the other team is being introduced.

• While we're talking student sections, the kids out there should know how much more fun they make games by showing up and being engaged.

Granted, Lancer Nation retired the trophy as the national champions years ago, but the rest of you can still aspire.

The Waterford-East Lyme basketball game the other night was an absolute blast to cover because the kids on both sides were hilarious.

And this is sports, you know.

We can get a few laughs from it occasionally.

• Mr. I discovered one of the greatest examples of irony last week:

There's a bladder control pill out there whose primary side effect is constipation.

Potential slogan: "No runs, no drips, no errors."

• Mr. I had no problem with David Wilson's backflips.

Just sayin'.

• Good luck to Kris Dunn, who makes his college basketball debut for the PC Friars on Tuesday at The Dunk.

Note to Kris, however: Take it easy on the poor, downtrodden BC Eagles next Saturday at the Holy Land in Chestnut Hill.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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