NFA officials say no truth to rumors about threat

Norwich — Norwich Free Academy school officials said this morning that there is no truth to rumors that a student threatened to harm students this coming Friday.

Geoffrey Serra, director of communications, said the director and assistant director of public safety in conjunction with the Norwich Police Department vetted the rumors and found that they were unfounded.

Students on social media like Facebook and Twitter were saying that a student was going to shoot students on Friday.

Serra said David Klein, head of school, addressed the students through the public announcement system Tuesday morning to reassure them that they are safe. He also spoke about responsible use of social media.

He said the mass school shooting that occurred Friday in Newtown may have some students on edge.

"We are continuing to reassure our students," said Serra. "They have a lot of resources available to them. We are keeping our eyes and ears open and addressing their concerns and anxieties."

Serra said the school will run "business as usual."


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