Ledyard officials investigating finding of bullet in classroom

Ledyard – Police are assisting school administrators in investigating the source of a bullet found in a fourth-grade classroom at Ledyard Center School Tuesday.

Superintendent Mike Graner said a student found a bullet on the floor of his classroom and gave it to his teacher, who informed Principal Susan Nash-Ditzel. The principal then contacted Graner.

The students were moved to a different classroom while school administrators and police searched the room and students' belongings, Graner said. Nash-Ditzel interviewed the students who, Graner said, "knew nothing about it."

Lt. Michael Finkelstein said there was no weapon found – just the single bullet – and police are assisting the school administration in determining how the bullet got inside the classroom. Graner said police told him it was a .9 mm caliber bullet.

No criminal investigation is being conducted.

Graner said once the classroom had been searched, parents of every student in the class were contacted and asked for assistance in determining the source of the bullet.

"We called all the parents of the students in that room and we assured them that there was no threat whatsoever," he said.

Graner said administrators and staff will "remain vigilant" as they investigate the incident.

"We're going to keep our eyes open," he said.


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