Search for solutions, but be reasonable

It's time for both sides in this issue to quit the rhetoric of wanting it all their way. First and foremost we need to do the right thing. You can't take all the guns off the streets. Not unless you want to create another era of prohibition and the criminal enterprise that brought to this country, not to mention what the war on drugs has cost this nation.

Forty-seven million homes have some type of gun in them. There are millions of unregistered guns in this country.

Maybe some of the rural schools will have to have an armed policeman in them. All schools will have to be target hardened. Teachers will have to be taught by people who know what they are doing so they can react, constant training is one answer.

Also not one of your readers has even voiced a common sense concern that can be addressed. How about adding a question on the ATF form. "Does anybody in your household have a mental or criminal history?" Knowledge is a powerful tool. As far as the NRA is concerned, I gave up on them a long time ago, when they defended the right of civilians to purchase armor piercing bullets.

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