Angelic Tree

I woke up this morning and looked down to Earth, but noticed a black cloud just hanging there. I said well maybe it is time for me to get the tree out of its box and place it on its stand and let its arms stretch out after a long nap and wait for its decorations. I pulled the stars out of the sky and placed them on its arms, dressed it with tinsel and ornaments and waited for it to shine. But nothing happened. I wondered why? All of a sudden from a distance I heard bells ringing and carols singing, I looked down and there holding hands were twenty Angels and six Arc Angels, coming toward me. They went right up to the tree and started to dance around it. At this moment the stars lit up the sky and the tinsels started to dance. The whole sky lit up. If you pause and close your eyes and then look up into the heavens you will see God, his tree and all the Angels dancing around this tree that will shine for ever and ever and ever.