Obama administration needs some religion

The Dec. 19 letter, "Let God in schools to keep evil out," by a concerned lady from Salem was refreshing and over due and should have been on President Obama's Christmas wish list and that of Congress. I feel, as the writer of that letter did, that this is one of the most important steps in avoiding tragedies like America had at the Newtown school.

As a starter a reprint of The Seven Deadly Sins and Virtues should be passed out to our Congress as guidelines for thought and behavior.

President Abraham Lincoln never hesitated to solicit the help of almighty God in the worst period of our nations history.

It might be wise for President Obama to do the same by reading that Biblical passage over the door of the CIA, viz; St. John 8:32, "Ye shall seek the truth and it will set you free."

It might also be a timely and refreshing Sunday school "read" for our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while she is recuperating and before the final testimony on the Benghazi tragedy.

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