Births - Dec. 30


DEC. 9 - A daughter to Roger Cruz and Christina Parraga.

DEC. 10 - A daughter to Manel Sylvarin and Kerlande Juste; a daughter to Ryan and Elizabeth Gieleghem.

DEC. 11 - Twins, a daughter and a son to Matthew and Sarah Ouellette.

DEC. 12 - A daughter to Kyle Jolly and Keysha Woodworth; a daughter to Alan Pierce and Kristy Hill; a son to Jamieson and Carrie Miner; a daughter to Justin and Kayla Trant.

DEC. 13 - A son to Richard Germain and Somane Vixamar; a son to Noe Saint-Surin and Mikedana Belfort.

DEC. 14 - A son to Samuel and Ruth Davis; a daughter to Matthew and Jennifer McCluskey.

DEC. 15 - A daughter to Matthew and Olivia Boast; a son to Patrick and Alyssa Miles.

DEC. 16 - A daughter to Michael and Adrienne Romano.

DEC. 17 - A son to Howard Shipman and Hope Beauchemin.

DEC. 18 - A son to Christopher Golbranson and Calista Cassano.

DEC. 19 - A daughter to Christopher and Lisa Marcaurele; a son to Mark and Jessica Matkovich.

DEC. 20 - A daughter to Benjamin Gonzalez, III and Amanda Clark; a son to Thomas and Mandy Edmond.


DEC. 20 - A daughter to Brittni Howard and Jacob Latham of Westerly.

DEC. 21 - A daughter to Eva Marie and Keith Sawyer, III of Bradford.


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