Irony abounds in savagery at Newtown

That the savagery and massacre of Sandy Hook Elementary School should have occurred in the Connecticut town that The National Shooting Sports Foundation calls home seems an irony that gives rise to the expression "you can't make things like this up."

Add to that the reported pleasure that the matricide's victim found in the "single-mindedness" of taking aim with a firearm and pulling its trigger, and the irony seems one forged in hell.

If, as we are taught, irony begets wisdom, perhaps Sandy Hook's infamy shall birth its fame.

Can it be possible that such a slaughter and massacre of children in a hail of bullets loosed as quickly as the pull of a trigger can be done shall be razed from social conscience as easily as might a bulldozer clear the site of the building in which echoing shots and screams marked minutes of immortal social shame?

Will we learn nothing more than that the cacophony of anti- and pro-gun dissolutions is a perpetual noise of everyday muddles in our national disclarity?

Or is it essential that when we raise the flags to mark mourning's official end that America's gunsmithing, gun slinging and gun-glorifying gaggle of goose-stepping gun gurus be brought to account, that they not be "seconded?

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