National Guard should protect schools; government leave our guns alone

Right after the horrific tragedy in Newtown all the politicians want to blame everyone who owns a gun. It's mental illness that needs to be addressed.

The government always seems to find the money and manpower to jump into wars all over the world every time some country needs help. Why not let our National Guard protect our nation in this time of obvious need? Post a few of our young Guard members in the schools here at home instead of sending them all over the globe to be killed. (There's another tragedy.)

It's not guns that are the problem, it's the mentally ill people who fall through the cracks that are the problem. You can't legislate against lunacy.

Look at the Uni-bomber; he didn't have a gun and yet for 20-plus years he wreaked havoc.

Law-abiding citizens who have proved they understand and accept the responsibility of being armed are no threat to anyone but the bad guys.

My heart goes out to the families in Newtown but the fact remains, without the ability to protect ourselves and our children we are no more than sheep in a slaughterhouse.

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