Press Release - Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley Inc.

The Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley Inc. has been providing award winning, compassionate care to our community for nearly 100 years. We are proud to announce our new logo represents the many exciting and positive changes to our organization. First and foremost, the new logo symbolizes the full spectrum of “Care and Services” we provide to the lower valley and shoreline communities that include Cardiopulmonary Care, Integrated Chronic Care Management, Diabetes Management, Specialized Wound and Ostomy Care, Rehabilitation Therapy: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Medical Social Work, Nutrition services, and Home Health Aides

The transition to our new name and logo is symbolic of growth and an exciting future. This transition is representative of our desire to be progressive and dynamic in the ever changing healthcare field. Our hope is wherever you see our new name and logo you will have a sense of assurance that Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley Nurses Inc. is caring for the residents of our communities. We appreciate your support and are honored to serve you in the coming years.