Everybody pays for school construction

Did anyone jump for joy when our local politicians (State Sen. Andrea Stillman, D-20th District, and State Rep. Betsy Ritter, D-38th District) were able to "bring home the bacon" for Waterford by applying for funding from the state to help pay for the new high school?

Just think, Waterford residents can expect to pay less than they anticipated because of this great piece of political maneuvering.

Needless to say this is the exact type of example of why our political system is bankrupt. Think about it: Waterford residents will pay less but the rest of the state gets to pick up the bill in the form of state income taxes we currently pay, or even better, the income tax can go up so Waterford can pay less.

And if we are lucky this will push to the federal level where we can stick the entire country with the cost to build our new high school.

Just remember next time it will be another town in Connecticut trying to stick it to the rest of us. And the good news is our elected officials will take credit for it and get re-elected. Or better yet, don't worry about and let our kids and grandchildren deal with it.

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