Put Marines in charge of base security

About the problems the Naval Submarine Base is having with its civilian officers enforcing state and federal laws ("Submarine base security's role is focus of internal dispute," published Dec. 23); the solution is simple. Use retired police officers to patrol the base grounds; they know all the traffic laws. Use the civilians to uphold security positions. It doesn't take much to stop a car or tell someone "no" and escort them off the base.

The biggest mistake they ever made was to pull the Marines out and replace them with rent-a-cops.

As a Navy wife who has been coming on and off the base for the past 40 years, the only time I had a problem was when I parked in a no-parking area to deliver a Familygram, (a three-minute trip,) and the parking lot was full of other wives parked to do the same.

One of those sharp-eyed Marines ticketed me.You can believe I was shaking in my boots till my court date. Since it was my first offense, I had to promise to never do it again with a warning that next time my car would be towed.

Pull it together people, it's not rocket science.

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