Assault-gun crimes few and far between

I am writing today with my growing frustrations of the anti-gun politicians and media saying the AR-15 and other so called "assault weapons" have no sporting use. AR-15s and other semi-auto rifles are used many times a year in competitions from action based competitions like 3 Gun competitions to target style matches like Highpower and Service Rifle. Competition shooters use these style rifles. "Sporting use" is not only about hunting although these rifles are also used for that as well.

The media and politicians are in a frenzy of fear and emotion. Neither is a good place to make decisions that will affect people's lives and rights. The citizens have been lathered up into the same frenzy by these politicians and the media. Look at the facts of how few times so called "assault weapons" are used in crimes. Items in your home now are responsible for more homicides each year than "assault weapons." Get the facts.

Don't let the acts of one deranged lunatic be used to take away your rights to defend yourself or your family. Please do not let fear and emotion lead you down the path to giving away precious rights that will never be returned once lost.

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