Guns not causing that many deaths

In response to the letter "Living in safety is the greatest right of citizens," (Dec. 27). I would like to start out by saying that the tragedy in Newtown was heartbreaking. The letter mentioned a few points I would like to address. One stated that people with guns kill people. That statement is not accurate. It is estimated that about 50 percent of households in the United States has a gun in them. That would mean that half of every household has killed someone, and I am betting that is not true.

Another point brought up was. "No other civilized society has our record of gun tragedies." That is not true.

The United States overall homicide rate with a firearm per 100,000 is 2.97 (that number includes all homicides whether it was a police shooting, a suicide, or any justified self-defense shooting.)

The United States does not have the worst record for gun deaths. Just because you say something enough times doesn't make it true. You may not like firearms, but do not try to take my right away to defend my family and myself from the next tragedy.

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