Don't ignore needy, try to help them

Regarding the moving of the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen in Norwich from St. Joseph's. I understand people who live nearby St. Joseph's do not like seeing all "those people" outside there homes, smoking or simply "hanging out." Is it because we are still figuring out as a state, town and nation how to deal with the hungry, homeless, low income or ill? To the people who live near St. Joseph's and would have the soup kitchen move: Where? They just moved to St. Joseph from the old train station.

Many of those served at the St. Vincent soup kitchen are not single adults, but moms and dads. The soup kitchen does not just serve a meal, but is also a food pantry, where someone can go and get a few bags of food, based on their family size. They offer good veggies and fruit in season along with a place to wash and take showers for folks whom don't have a home. They have funds for people to get training and get back to work, sometimes to help with an overdue bill.

Kicking people whom are ill or low income is not nice. Let's help these families.


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