Attend Poquonnock Fire District meeting and demand some answers

The current Poquonnock Bridge Fire District Committee is heading in a direction that might alarm some taxpayers in the district - if they were aware of it.

The ladder truck has been out of service since October 2011 and although a grant has been applied for to replace it, the committee seems to be rushing to approve another solution without waiting to learn the outcome. They are working on an agreement with the City of Groton Fire Department to lease response of their ladder truck for more than $57,000 a year plus half the cost of any repairs that may arise, retroactive to October 2011. They want to use money from the reserve fund for this, money earmarked for replacement of apparatus when needed. Since Engine 33 is also on its last legs, how will that be handled?

If this isn't the direction you want your fire and emergency services to go, taxpayers need to show up at the meeting and get answers. The next meeting is Thursday at 7 p.m. at the firehouse, 13 Fort Hill Road.

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