Shame on L&M for mental health changes

This letter is in response to the article in the Dec. 28th issue "L&M: move to improve mental health care." I am one of the counseling center patients who received a letter regarding the planned changes. The letter began by saying, "We are writing to share good news..." This is not good news at all! The letter did not state where my therapist would be going, nor was I ever contacted to let me know that the counselor I see for my medication no longer has a job and I would have to see someone new. The letter did not provide names or phone numbers of these new locations.

L&M says it is not about the money, I disagree. L&M physicians may be affiliates of the hospital, but the employees who get to keep their jobs no longer work for the hospital and they are paid by this separate company. The office staff at the Counseling Center will be losing their jobs.

Not about the money?

What happens to the people who can't afford transportation to Stonington, Ledyard, Groton or East Lyme? What about the sick who can't get to these locations and may stop taking medication? Shame on L&M. I am grateful to Dr. Julia Chase-Brand for trying to help us.

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