NL needs to improve snow-removal efforts

I realize that with the budget New London adopted we will have fewer services, but I do think that with the recent snow the city has failed us. I had an appointment on Bank Street and the sidewalk to get to were I was going was solid ice for about 20 feet. I had to walk in the road. I think a phone call from the city to the owner would produce results.

The second place that I really found unbelievable was the new Magnet School on Grove Street. The walkway that exits the property to Crystal Avenue was not shoveled. The kids who walk from the north end of Crystal Avenue have to either walk on a snow covered sidewalk, walk in the exit lane of the school with buses and cars exiting the property, or cross over and walk in the bike lane.

Since the sidewalks were done anyway, I don't really see that not doing the whole sidewalk saved much money. The safety of the children who use this sidewalk is certainly worth the few extra minutes and dollars it would have taken to make this a safe walkway.

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