Births - Jan. 13


DEC. 11 - A son to Anthony Clarke and Jordan Burrell.

DEC. 17 - A son to Jim Larosa and Christina Clouston.

DEC. 20 - A daughter to Justin David Mikan and Jennine Bischoff.

DEC. 23 - A daughter to Mark Delucia, Jr. and Crystal Shirley; a daughter to Donald, Jr. and Rae-Ellen Roy.

DEC. 24 - A son to Alex and Corey Culligan; twin son and daughter to Terisha John; a son to David Goddard, Jr. and Jenna Mileski.

DEC. 25 - A son to Jeffrey and Candy Jordan.

DEC. 26 - A daughter to Glen and Kari Eckart; a son to Daniel Ventura and Tara Guinan; a son to Christopher and Danielle Jenkins.

DEC. 27 - A son to Jeremy Marcial and Erika Dwyer; a son to Sadoc, Jr. and Elizabeth Perez; a daughter to Gabriel and Samantha Gresko.

DEC. 30
- A daughter to Paul and Jessica Currie.

DEC. 31 - A daughter to Timothy, Jr. and Amber Albee; a daughter to Harry Lee Neal Elrod and Kathleen Mullins; a daughter to Oscar Dela Cruz Garcia and Crystal Maxwell.

JAN. 1 - A daughter to Michael and Jennifer Marakovitz.

JAN. 2 - A son to Clayton and Suzanne Salit.


DEC. 3 - A son to Todd and Erin Donovan of East Lyme.

DEC. 4 - A son to Lissette Belia Reyes of New London; a daughter to Jose and Valeria Bocachica of Groton.

DEC. 5 - A son to Jason and Jennifer Price of Groton; a son to Adam and MaLinda Stone of Waterford.

DEC. 6 - A daughter to Daniel Maikowski and Lia'a Chiffon Hunter of Uncasville.

DEC. 7 - A son to James and Michelle Gumbert of North Stonington; a son to Fortuna Lebron of New London; a daughter to Jesse Benware and Merin Moltz of New London.

DEC. 8 - A son to Jason and Kamila Pelliccia of Waterford.

DEC. 9 - A daughter to Paul and Vanessa Vincenti of Niantic.

DEC. 10 - A son to Evelin and Lewis Jump III of Groton; a son to Robert and Stacey Nowland of Quaker Hill.

DEC. 11 - A son to Philip Costello and Lisa Guillen of New London; a son to Tristan and Jennifer Jordan of Stonington; a daughter to Ryan Molnar and Elizabeth Wilson of Oakdale.

DEC. 12 - A daughter to Francisca Cora of New London; a daughter to Christopher and Candace Huss of Groton; a daughter to Thomas and Bethany Palazzo of Waterford; a daughter to Ricardo and Margarita Ramirez of New London.

DEC. 13 - A daughter to Joel Fulton and Destiny Darby of Groton; a son to Shawn and Amie Floyd of Mystic; a daughter to Stephen and Darcy Gray of Groton; a son to Alex Ningas and Vothy Thach of Groton.

DEC. 14 - A daughter to Nicholas and Kourtney Ferro of Groton; a son to Christine and Stephen Monroe Jr. of Uncasville; a daughter to Jason Lawhorn and Leshalovee Whitfield of New London.

DEC. 15 - A son to Thomas and Alesha Bracco of Niantic; a son to Joshua and Brianna Maciejewski of Norwich; a daughter to Jose Zurita and Corrin Thompson of Groton.

DEC. 16 - A daughter to Justin and Michelle Bradley of Gales Ferry; a son to Joseph Loomis and Amy Sligar of Norwich; a son to Krystal Thigpen of Groton; a son to Jason and Erin Weaver of Groton.

DEC. 17 - A daughter to Louis and Heather Racicot of Waterford.

DEC. 18 - A son to William Robinson and Deborah Ganoe of Groton; a daughter to Ward Brown and Tina Torres of New London.


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