Pernicious parking policies in Norwich

Parking for the Norwich courthouse seems a bit odd. Most parking areas have a two-hour maximum with no meters, yet court proceedings seem to last hours longer. The signs are faded and not well marked. I received a $15 ticket, but couldn't pay it online until the next day. In 48 hours the fine doubles if not paid. How much money does Norwich receive from these fines from people who are already having a rough day, and forget to pay the fine "online" the following day? Does anyone else find this a little disturbing? At the very least there should be a little longer than a 48-hour grace period, or maybe simply add a few hours to the parking restrictions near the courthouse. Anybody who has been to court in Norwich and spent more than two hours inside has a pretty good understanding why I am writing this letter.

So next time you are in Norwich remember to move your vehicle every two hours - I'm sure the judge will understand!

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