Bring some sanity to gun-control debate

People with guns are killing people. The tragedy at Newtown sends a sad message to America about our safety. There are many related problems that range from firearm registry, to mental health awareness and care by professionals, controlling violent computer games that numb our youth with over exposure to violence.

This is a safety and public health issue requiring as much attention and regulation as cigarette labeling, driving licenses, building permits and insurance requirements. We have more regulations for seat belts, baby carriages, food safety, toys and other concerns, that are far less lethal than gun availability.

If we save one person from being killed because we tightened gun laws, it was worth it. The constitutional amendment concerning militias was included for being prepared to fight the British in 1791, not for millions of dangerous uncontrolled guns in 2013 - it's time for common sense.

Simple devices have worked in other countries that have dramatically reduced firearm deaths. They include trigger locks, ammunition control and marking, longer background checks and waiting and testing periods, registration for all firearm sales, elimination of military type guns, and standards for locking guns away - these would be a good start.

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