Knives and clubs kill more than assault weapons

The misinformation regarding gun related murders and firearm laws is enormous. The latest FBI Unified Crime Report reflects 323 murders using rifles (all types) vs. 1,604 knife and 1,222 blunt objects/feet/hands murders.

Stabbing and beating deaths are 900 percent higher than rifle deaths. Assault (type) rifles are in fact used in numerous competitions as well as hunting and according to the FBI stats one of the least used firearms in murders.

High capacity magazines are no more dangerous than high-powered cars, if not misused. However, high powered cars are misused every day. The 2012 Census Bureau Statistical Abstract reflects 33,808 deaths exceeding the speed limit and moe than 10,000 DUI deaths (211 children).

Somehow we ignore 44,000 deaths per year by vehicle misuse and focus on other issues with far lower rates.

The United States has 84 million responsible gun owners who are no threat to society, yet they are under legislative assault. Many legislators are using the horrific tragedy in Sandy Hook to further their anti-gun agenda, while others don't know the facts.

Had Lanza's mother responsibly stored her firearms, this tragedy would have been avoided.


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