Forgetting the facts and blaming the gun

If we are serious about protecting the students of this, or any state, the quickest solution is to have police or armed security at the schools. Some states and private schools have had armed security for years before this incident. Why is it such a bad idea to have armed officers at schools?

What parent hasn't told their child, "If you need help, find a police officer, they are there to help you." State universities have campus police departments. Full-time officers patrol the grounds equipped with semi-auto pistols, and AR-15 rifles. Why are our colleges so well protected while our elementary schools are targets? We name them "Gun Free Zones," but they have no way of stopping a crazed monster intent on doing harm.

No written law, no security door, no surveillance camera system physically prevents the acts of a criminal. Good people must follow the laws we have. Good people must stand up and stop them. I ask myself, why did his family arm him?

It is not fool proof, but it is at least as accurate as blaming an inanimate object for what one man did. Once again we forget the facts and blame the gun.

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