Frustrated that child molester was free

I read with disgust the article, "Child molester lingered in playgrounds, stole diapers," (Jan. 9), about Robert Beemer going back to prison for probation violations; what was he doing out of prison in the first place? As reported by The Day, Beemer was twice convicted of molesting children in the 1990s was sentenced in 2000 to 20 years in prison suspended after eight years served, followed by 25 years of strict probation and registry as a sexual offender. His offenses were sexually assaulting a 12-year-old male in 1997 and while out on bond in 1999 molesting a 3-year-old female. He was a suspect in numerous sex crimes involving children from 1992 to 1997, police said. The judge that sentenced Beemer was the same that sentenced him in the original case. Judge Susan B. Handy noted that Robert Beemer was "a great threat to the public safety and you need to be closely monitored."

What do we tell the children about their assailant? That he was "out on bond" or out on probation "being closely monitored?" He has rights.

Seems to me that all these sex crimes could have been avoided and that they were needless, if only we would lock up the offenders and keep them where they belong.

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