Adding more police the best response to crime

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy speaks out about the need to stop the gun violence, but by his own hand he has endangered the lives of all Connecticut citizens by not adhering to state law that requires a predetermined amount of state police officers. Now after this tragedy in Newtown, he is going to go after the law-abiding gun owners, and future gun owners, by adding more government on our already over-governed and over-taxed lives. I feel that I should not be punished, over taxed or denied an item because a person or persons broke the law.

This state has plenty of laws for the police and the politicians to use. The knee-jerk reaction after an event is never the right way to fix things. How about the legislature fix the problems the state already has before addressing new ones?

Criminals don't care about the words you use in front of the camera.

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