Don't play politics with Social Security

"Whoa Nelly," the president says seniors would not receive their Social Security checks if the debt ceiling is not raised. It is hard enough to stomach that "Social Security" is an entitlement but now this threat of no checks.

Those older seniors have paid money into Social Security all of their lives. We all know where the money has gone, to fund other free loaders and pet programs.

The government has freely taken money from Social Security, with no intent to pay it back, and now we are faced with this crisis. Many of the recipients have only Social Security to live on.

Mr. President, play politics with other programs and leave the one that people are paying into alone.

Shame on those seniors who voted for your re-election thinking you were going to protect them and the Social Security program. Then again, your retirement won't be based on Social Security, but on the hard working taxpayers money, so why should you care.

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