Shut Ledyard center meant sad holidays

Ledyard Senior Center seniors thought there was a place to go to be among others, but, Merry Christmas! The center was closed all of Christmas week and Monday, Tuesday of New Year's week. I understand that some of that time was holiday time, but, that much? I was told by the mayor's office that the ladies had to use their vacation time before the end of the year and that no one was qualified to come down from Town Hall to open the doors for people who have nobody else to be with. So someone decided that some seniors would have to be alone for this, the most family of holidays.

Gee, thanks Ledyard, hope your holiday was as wonderful as some of ours, and that you will never have to be alone for Christmas, never.

As for people calling or checking with the seniors that use the center, neither anyone I spoke with nor myself had been contacted. There was a paper posted on the front door saying the center was closed and that was that.

If this is acceptable, what's next?

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