The Day brought variety of views to gun debate

Kudos to The Day for its Jan. 18 Opinion page for providing a variety of views on the debate over firearms in our society.

Nicholas Kristof's excellent column, "Make gun control a public safety issue," explained why we need more effective legislation and policies to protect the public. The letter, "Adding more police the best response to crime," displayed the unfortunate thinking of the gun rights position.

President Obama's proposed legislation and executive actions are not an attempt to punish law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals. They are intended to make us safer. I don't think Adam Lanza was a criminal in the normal sense of the word. He was mentally ill and committed a horrific criminal act. If his mother hadn't legally provided access to semiautomatic weapons, she might be alive today, as would 26 innocents, and probably Adam himself.

Finally, the letter, "Honor 'Holy Innocents,' ban assault weapons," suggests a pathway to a safer society. Oppose the status quo or you share responsibility for the next tragedy. Contact your congressmen and senators.

Better yet, contact your friends and relatives in states with Republican representation and persuade them to influence their delegations to change their thinking and support the president's proposals.

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