Conn. should meet education commitment

In a recent article, "Stanton School reform spending on hold as Connecticut struggles," (Jan. 8), Staff Writer Claire Bessette reported that state budget cuts could reduce funding for John B. Stanton School's turnaround program by as much as $180,000.

By failing to deliver the full set of funds allocated to the Commissioner's Network school, we are jeopardizing an opportunity for the school and its students to succeed.

Last year's landmark education reform bill created the Commissioner's Network. The establishment of the Commissioner's Network, and the funding that came along with it, made history.

The four schools in the network planned to extend learning time for teachers and students, in addition to introducing new ways to hire, retain, and assign staff - turnaround plans that unfortunately now may be on hold.

If we're serious about closing Connecticut's worst-in-the-nation achievement gap, we need to provide our lowest-performing schools with the resources they need to improve.

As districts like Norwich struggle to succeed in a new economic reality, the General Assembly should make sure we don't go back on education reform.

The Commissioner's Network was a great leap forward. Connecticut's educators, legislators, and parents should demand that we don't retrace our steps.

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