How To Prevent Teenage Drunk Driving : Stop Underage Drinking and Driving

There are many ways to prevent teenage drinking. Locking teens in their rooms until they’ve become of legal drinking age is a possibility. Realistically, however, this idea is unlikely to succeed. Talking to children as young as age 6 about how drinking and driving affects others is a reasonable step to take. Laying down a strong foundation of morals for the children of the house early on is also a good start. Unfortunately, as kids get older, they begin to develop an idea that they are invincible and not subject to the catastrophes that often happen to other people. They live under the assumption that their actions will not result in repercussions to themselves or others. With this reasoning in mind, some teens make the choice to drive after drinking.

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The adults in American society are responsible for figuring out how to prevent teenage drunk driving. One of the problems with this scenario is that older children – teenagers – often ignore what the adults in their lives are saying to them. It comes back to the supposition that teens work under different rules than everyone else. Kids tend not to hear what they don’t wish to hear, and so adults often feel like they’re talking to themselves when dealing with teens.

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Here are some suggestions about how to prevent drunk driving among teens as well as adults. Lead by example. If one is in a group of adults going to a party, that one should choose to be the designated driver to ensure that his friends get home safely. Show nearby teens that it’s cool to be safe and not take others’ lives into one’s hands after drinking too much. If hosting a gathering where alcohol is to be served, take people’s keys at the door and offer to have them stay overnight to be safe. Go with one’s own teenagers to talks given by members of a family who have lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident.

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