Performance art at the Hygienic Cabaret Extraordinaire

Let's take a look at some of the acts expected at Saturday's Cabaret Extraordinaire that's part of the Hygienic festivities:

• Co-host Venus Flytrap, described as "an insidious hausfrau specializing in bundt-cake-inspired pleasures, inappropriate cat calls and disrupting lucid dreams."

• Co-host Dot Mitzvah, "fearlessly accosting audiences everywhere with a mix of classical song and ribald humor."

• Music by The Weird Beards ; The Grimm Generation; and Leila Crockett and Will Iannuzzi.

• The Amazing Andy, who mixes comedy, juggling and magic.

• Phil Doe, a practitioner of "brolesque"; he "pairs the raw machismo of a construction worker with the effortless grace of a trained ballerina - if the ballerina were drunk, hairy, and tattooed."


Cabaret Extraordinaire,
8 p.m.-midnight Saturday, 33 Golden St., New London; free.


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