Take guns from good guys and you help criminals

Those who wish to take guns away from law-abiding gun owners, be careful what you wish for. Newtown was a terrible tragedy but it was not committed by a law-abiding gun owner but rather by a mentally deranged individual. Likewise were the perpetrators in Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Aurora, which incidentally were "Gun Free Zones."

Immediately following Newtown, the anti-gun politicians began to attack our Second Amendment rights. There was minimum discussion about keeping the criminals and mentally ill individuals from getting guns, there was no discussion about the impact of violent movies and video games, or the anti-depression drugs that these mass shooters have in common. There was only proposed legislation against gun owners.

If you legislate away the guns, the only people with guns will be the thugs, criminals and lunatics, because they don't follow the law. Then all households will be sitting ducks living in a "Gun Free Zone."

Right now, the criminals have no idea which households are armed. That uncertainty protects all people and their homes.

Why don't the anti-gun extremists post a visible sign in front of their residence that says "Gun Free House" so they no longer benefit from gun owners? That seems fair to me.

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