Before attacking land purchase, get the facts

I read with great sadness the letter about Firefly Farms ("Don't let open space escape town's hands," Jan. 18). In their enthusiasm for getting rid of Firefly Farms, the two authors of the letter lost a few important details.

We did not occupy the land. We purchased the land.

We were able to purchase the land because the Town of North Stonington, in writing, released the reverter they speak of in 1987 - 23 years ago. You can find this release in the North Stonington land records Volume 81 Page 37.

Chelsea Groton Savings Bank and others relied on that fact when they lent the YMCA hundreds of thousands of dollars with the land as security. A title company said the title was good and it was OK for us to buy the land. We are neighbors. Let's treat each other with respect.

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