Time for the public to demand reasonable gun control

In response to the Jan. 17 letter, "Don't let left-wing, anti-gun media win," I would like to question the writer's comparison of "Firearms and ammunition are objects like matches, fertilizer, cell phones, fast cars and alcohol. Applied irresponsibly each can injure and kill." This is true, but when enough mothers banded together, the laws changed and we now can be pulled over and tested for drunk driving. You can lose your license and be put into a high risk pool on your car insurance. When the public says "We've had enough," laws change.

There are many responsible people with guns who knew the potential for harm when they bought and registered their guns. A homeowner of a vicious dog pays a higher premium for the potential of harm.

I suggest the insurance company who sells the home owners insurance charge for this risk of a greater potential for harm. Someone with more than four guns would be in a high risk pool, more potential for harm. There could be limits on the number of guns a household could register.

I feel limiting guns someone can own and implementing reasonable controls in the interest of safety for the entire nation, not just the members of the NRA, is what we should all be demanding.

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