Day defender of the people's rights? Hardly

As an avid reader of "The Day" paper I find myself becoming frustrated with the way the news is reported, not only from the Day but other news media. For instance, Jan. 19 the Day had this tiny news article about a pro-gun rally at the state capitol in Hartford taking place that day. This was more than just a rally. This was a nationwide effort to celebrate the Second Amendment.

Then, on Jan. 23, the Day had an article on the front page about a "gun control" rally scheduled for Valentines Day, several weeks before the rally. This article continued onto another page, the runover longer than what appeared on the front page.

It is easy to figure out what's going on. Posting a small article on the pro-gun rally the day of the event gave people little notification, meaning less people attending.

The newspaper posts daily a quote from Theodore Bodenwein's will, the founder, that a "newspaper should be ... the protector of the public interest and the defender of people's rights." I do not know how other readers feel, but I see the Day, as well as other news media, pushing their own beliefs and agendas.

I wonder what Mr. Bodenwein would think of his newspaper today?

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