Chicago proves failure of Dem. Party policies

Insanity has sometimes been defined as doing the same thing over and over, but each time expecting a different outcome. Illinois is such an example. A recent news report identifies that 33 percent, that is one-third of all state residents, live below the poverty line. Despite majorities in both legislative houses and control of the governorship the Democrat Party, with their commitment to social justice and programs to end poverty, you would think could have fixed it. Unfortunately, the trend continues for more misery.

Chicago with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, in a state with almost the toughest of all 50, also has the highest per capita gun murder rate in the country. Yes it is true, people can say that it is mostly gang related, but there is a bigger issue. Only criminals have the guns. By definition, in Illinois and Chicago, if you have a gun you are a criminal.

Perhaps it is just the widespread belief that both Chicago and Illinois have rampant corruption that fuels a sense of hopelessness. Whatever the reason, the citizens of those political entities keep the same people in power year after year. Clearly, they meet the above definition of insanity.

What of Connecticut? Our trends are not good.

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