Consider history of former YMCA property

As interest in the fate of the former YMCA Camp Anderson on Button Road in North Stonington increases, it is important to present the facts. In 1972, the 127-acre property was given to the YMCA by Howard Brown, Clifford Oat, and Harold Dahl with a reverter in the deed stating that, if the YMCA ceased to own the property, the title should revert to the town for use as open space.

At a 1988 town meeting citizens voted to release the reverter on only 28 acres that were being traded for an abutting 35 acres. The original reverter was placed on those 35 acres, continuing the reverter on the YMCA's total holdings.

Some people believe the reverter was removed from all the YMCA property; no minutes confirm this belief.

In 2009 the YMCA declared bankruptcy and their lenders wanted to sell the property. In spite of the town's stating its claim and sending notice to all parties, the property was sold to a buyer aware of and willing to accept the risk. The YMCA, their lenders, and the occupants of Firefly Farms knew the risk. This is the basis of the current controversy.

This amazing gift may be lost forever. I support the town in making sure this does not happen.

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