Climate change an unproven science

I feel that there are more important news items, other than climate change, that could be on the front page of the Sunday (Jan. 27) paper, "Scientist fear we've passed tipping point on climate change."

Please note that I did not use the word news concerning your paper. The reason is it's self evident in that your paper is more about opinion than fact.

It did please me to see that you people at The Day are looking out for our president and former Vice President Al Gore.

Let me explain. You are getting behind unproven science when it comes to whether or not our climate is changing. I think you are doing this out of greed and your own carbon credit purchasing. How foolish are you going to feel when you folks realize that the world is round?

I think someone on your staff needs to start using valid research instead of make-believe science and stating it as fact. Please read some of the information that Dr. S. Fred Singer has put forth concerning climate change.

It may help you in understanding that we are only here for a short time but the Earth lives on.

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