Don't take away our legal guns

In 1933 the U.S. Government decided that it was illegal for citizens to own gold, so citizens who had worked hard and provided for themselves had to turn in their gold to the government or become criminals in possession of contraband.

At least they were compensated with paper money. How did the country get to that point?

If you guessed it was the government that caused it you were correct. (Remember 1929).

The same thing is about to occur with citizens who own guns. It is fair to ask, how did we get here?

Take a good look at our society today, our work ethic, churches, family parenting, drugs, education, moral issues and liberal politics that our forefathers would disavow loudly.

If this happens are we law-abiding citizens going to be more secure in our daily lives, in our homes?

The government owes us compensation/real value for guns they take.

The government owes us a criminal statue that provides for a 25-year mandatory jail sentence for any violator of this statute, rich or poor.

Our Constitution and amendments are like dominos - remove one and they all fall down. Our forefathers knew this well.

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