Fox News is fair and balanced

I fail to understand the unceasing attacks on Fox News as being too right-wing.

If "right-wing" means reporting news that the mainstream media won't touch if it looks unfavorable to the current administration, then so be it.

Fox is by far the most balanced news channel on all of network or cable news and faithfully presents both sides of every issue. Aside from "Hannity," with its decidedly conservative slant, the rest of the programming on FNC solicits opinions of opposing views from members of Congress, state legislators, academia, journalists and specialists.

In addition, it regularly features left-leaning political analysts such as Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel. Other program anchors such as Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren and Chris Wallace do not claim any partisan ideology.

I suspect that many who say they oppose Fox News have spent little or no time watching these programs in order to form a more objective and educated opinion.

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