A Moderate View on Gun Control

The events at Sandy Hook are still too fresh in our memory. Before deciding on a legislative path to correct inadequacies in the law, perhaps we can step back, take a breath, and take a look at how we can come together to agree on actions that will make a difference. Whether to ban certain weapons from public access is a debate that is looming large. However, we do not need to ban any class of firearm. Please allow me explain.

I refer to the essay by author and scientist, Dr. David Brin entitled Brin Classics: "The Jefferson Rifle". His work on this matter can be found online at:

http://davidbrin.blogspot.com/2007/01/brin-classics-jefferson-rifle.html .

Brin outlines a policy we could take that, properly framed, could quell gun rights advocates and satisfy those looking for better gun control. He speaks of the class of single shot, manually chambered weapon that is suitable for hunting, target practice, and for home defense. Any other class of firearm; handguns of any sort, military style rifles, etc, would be subject to registration and regulation regarding background check, gun safety training and storage. We license drivers and register automobiles because of the inherant danger possible through their misuse. Why not do the same for guns?

I encourage that David Brin's words be seriously considered. To the gun rights advocate I suggest that being inflexible will no longer achieve the desired result. Equally so, gun control proponents need to consider moderation, lest we lose all traction. We do have to compromise, and stop demanding that it must only go one way or no way at all. We cannot have any one group, with it's own special interests, standing in the way of the greater good. We, each one of us, must learn to give, as well as take.