Biased Day headline pushed gun agenda

As someone who has been following the media coverage after the Newtown shooting, I can't help but conclude a media bias in favor of the anti-gun movement.

The January Day headline concerning the Gun Task Force hearing in Newtown on Jan. 30 stated "Most in Newtown crowd favor gun control." That is a completely accurate assessment.

However, the Jan. 29 Day headline about the Gun Task Force public hearing in Hartford stated "Gun opinions run gamut." Completely inaccurate assessment.

As someone who watched most of the 18-hour hearing, the testimony from residents was mostly two sided - gun rights and gun restrictions. More important, but not reported, was the overwhelming numbers of attendants that pressed for gun rights, not for gun control.

A headline of "Record gun hearing crowd favors gun rights" would have been a more accurate assessment.

Going forward, I hope The Day is more fair and balanced with this important issue.

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