Book tip: "Fear Collector"

Gregg Olsen


One of the sad things about the sea-changes in consumerism (as well as the publishing biz) is that we see less and less of those impulse-buy racks of paperbacks in airports, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Typically, these are (or were) stocked with genre fiction - romances, thrillers, Westerns, horror - and a smiling Goober like myself could always be counted on to find at least SOMETHING worth investigating. Fortunately, it was still possible in that fashion to come across Olsen's latest - about a Pacific Northwest serial killer (natch!) operating according to the blueprint of Ted Bundy. The female detective has a stake because her sister might have been one of Bundy's victims. And the killer? Is the lunatic operating under the very possible impression that Bundy is ... Dad?! Delicious, fast-paced entertainment.



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