Nemo Cuts into North Branford April Vacation

NORTH BRANFORD - The town was one of the first in the area to get students back into school buildings following the fallout from Blizzard Nemo, re-opening, without any morning delay, on Feb. 13.

However, the three snow days taken by the district (Feb. 8, 11, and 12) maxed out the total number set for the 2012-'13 calendar year. That put the Board of Education's mandate to make up for additional snow days, by removing days from the April vacation week, into play. Last week, the district announced that it would need take two days back from the 2013 April vacation. As a result, school will now be in session on April 18 and 19. Additional days, if needed because of future snow days taken, will be announced as the situation arises.

Earlier in the school year, North Branford Public Schools had already added back in another planned day off, March 28. Originally scheduled as a day off, it was renewed with a decision announced in late December, to combat the number of days off brought on by Superstorm Sandy in October.

According to the office of North Branford Superintendent of Schools Scott Schoonmaker, as of press time, the last day of school in North Branford for the 2012-'13 school is now set for June 25.

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