Courtney-backed tax policies enslave us all

Imagine that! Hollywood doesn't stick to historical fact, and Congressman Joe Courtney jumps up to save the day. How wonderful that he took time out of his busy unproductive job as U.S. congressman to catch the movie "Lincoln." He believed that he had to inform the country about the screenwriter's twist of fact, but he failed to mention that he fully supports slavery - tax and fiscal slavery - and has done his level best to promote and ensure its existence.

The economic slavery that he and most of Congress are pushing is designed to be much fairer, because it will encompass all society - no one singled out solely due to skin color.

Taxing people did not work very well for the King of England, did it? History is written by the winners, Mr. Courtney. Unfortunately, with most people attending government schools, they are not nearly as smart as the people who founded this country. Today's Americans seem to have not figured out that "free" means that the government is going to confiscate the money from them to pay for "free!"

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