Don't use tax dollars to boost one industry

Why does Gov. Malloy expect us, the taxpayers, to subsidize the largest utilities in Connecticut? Deep in his proposed budget (line 932), he proposes a new $500 credit to any potential natural gas customer who is more than 150 feet away from an existing natural gas line and on a street that his energy plan calls for the expansion of natural gas lines if they commit to using natural gas whenever it becomes available.

Ten million dollars of credits granted to the natural gas utilities so they can get a guaranteed customer base whenever they get the lines installed whether there is a natural gas price advantage or not! This is a new expense in a budget where "difficult choices had to be made."

Does the utility industry deserve to be rewarded based on their recent performance in taking care of Connecticut residents and handing our multi-million dollar retirement packages to top executives?

These subsidies come at the expense of the taxpayers and the propane and oil industry employees. Please call your state senator and state representative and tell them to stop this craziness and let the wealthy natural gas utilities expand on their own without government interference.

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