Dump the Montville trash collection plan

During my 16 years as a resident of Montville I have often observed that the Montville Transfer Station is much more than just a town dump. It is also a social gathering place where people meet and talk. It is a prime location for people who are running for office to meet voters or who have a petition to sign.

So here are my questions:

Who or what is the driving force for curbside trash pickup in Montville? I don't recall hearing about or having signed a petition for this service.

In cases like Jensens Hillcrest and other subdivisions that pay for trash pickup in their rent, adding this cost to their taxes would mean they are paying double.

I also question the expected cost of $80 per year. I have never yet seen a town projected cost to be accurate and it is my guess it will be twice that amount or about 1.5 mills per year.

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