By any measure, abortion is murder

Recently a friend asked me why I am so against abortion, and I responded that it is the killing of an innocent human life.

He, like many, didn't think much about abortion, and just assumed that humanity was conferred upon a bunch of cells as a step in the development of a life.

I told him that if you believe that, then you must know for certain if and when that magic point occurs. If you don't, and no such change can be proven, then you're talking of murder, according not only to religious beliefs but common law as well.

That "bunch of cells" he referred to has all the marks of humanity, and the development he spoke of is the change from a tiny human being to an adult human being, not that of a nonhuman to a human.

Roe v. Wade caused the deaths of some 55 million babies in America. When one considers the high numbers of abortion victims here and around the world, is it implausible to believe that one of those victims was destined to discover the cure for cancer, which could later have saved the life of the mother who bore him?

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