In Courtney region has great congressman

Regarding the current sequestration cuts being imposed at the federal level, we in eastern Connecticut are extremely fortunate to have Congressman Joe Courtney. Rather than taking part in all the recriminations and charges of blame, Courtney, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has acted in the interests of national security and his district.

Through Courtney's efforts, the continuing resolution (CR) passed by Congress includes funding for two Virginia-class submarines in the current fiscal year. With sequestration cuts, it was feared that this would be reduced to one. Also included is full funding for the Ohio-class replacement design program, crucial both to Electric Boat's long-term prospects and the nation's nuclear deterrence. Both of these appropriations will save money in the long run. Delay would have increased costs. The uninterrupted progress of these programs will not only keep costs down, but will have a ripple effect throughout the regional economy.

Joe made sure that our men and women in uniform will continue to receive tuition assistance, which sequestration also threatened.

During difficult times, when push comes to shove, Courtney is fighting hard for the people of eastern Connecticut, doing what is in their best interests as well as the country at large.

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